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  • About Tools

The prospect of repairing a mobile phone can seem daunting--after all, they're built to be highly compact, are constantly evolving, and feature an increasingly complex array of built-in components. However, for those with a little know-how, an adventurous spirit, or a real determination to avoid paying for an out-of-warranty repair, there are a number of handy tools designed to help simplify the repair process.

Digitizer Replacement Kits take some of the challenge out of replacing the lens on your touch screen device. These kits tend to feature Torx screw drivers of the sizes most commonly used in major phone brands, as well as pry tools designed to help easily lift and separate the digitizer from the device. Other, device specific Pry Tools are available for similar jobs with larger touch screen devices like the iPad.

SIM Ejectors are handy tools for anyone who's purchased a new phone (or has acquired a used one) and wants to easily transfer their information to the new device. SIM cards (or Subscriber Identification Modules) carry the information that identifies your phone as your own, so removing and transferring the card yourself is often the most cost-effective way to go about changing phones. Most SIM ejectors simply insert into a small opening in the device, initiating a built-in ejection mechanism. For those wanting to migrate their SIM into a new device with a specialized SIM format, SIM Cutters allow for an easy, standardized alteration in the size and shape of your card.

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