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Unlike Anything Else TechPro is the ultimate protection for your device. Nothing is stronger than our TechPro screen protectors. Specially designed to absorb and disperse shock waves, this is the best insurance policy for your device.

See The Difference
  • A screen protector like no other, TechPro was designed with beauty and functionality in mind. Clear, thin, and light, you will never even notice that it's there.
  • Innovation at it's finest, our TechPro screen protectors are an extension of your already beautiful device. Why cover beauty with dull plastic? See the difference and decide for yourself.
  • Ultra-Tough Tempered Glass At 0.4 mm thick, your device retains its sleek design without compromising protection. Made from tempered Real Glass, and with a surface hardness of 8-9H, scratches on your screen are a thing of the past.

    Olephobic Coating Olephobic is Greek for "Afraid of Oil" - and just like the name suggests, this coating is perfect to fight off oily residues. Other Screen protectors smudge easily but TechPro helps reduce fingerprint buildup on your device.

    Full Transparency A screen protector made of glass makes for an ultra-transparent surface. Have peace of mind that your screen will always be protected without losing any quality in your screen's resolution. Use your device the way it was meant to be used.

    Sensitive Touch Never experience a loss of screen sensitivity or responsiveness. This screen protector becomes an extension of your device not an accessory - Feel the difference TechPro has to offer.

    Rounded Edges Rounded edges help reduce the risk of cracks on the screen protector. If your screen protector does crack, it will be held together by the anti-shatter film, eliminating the risk of getting hurt by sharp glass shards.

    Is Your Device TechPro Protected?

    Find out today, search for your device below.

    iPad 2/3/4

    iPad Mini

    iPhone 4 / 4S

    iPhone 5 / 5S

    iPhone 5C

    iPod Touch 4th Gen

    Galaxy Note 10.1

    Galaxy Note 3

    Galaxy Note 8.0

    Galaxy Note II

    Galaxy Note

    Galaxy S III mini

    Galaxy S III

    Galaxy S4 mini

    Galaxy S4

    Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

    HTC One

    Kindle Fire HD 7"

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

    Kindle Fire

    BlackBerry Q10

    BlackBerry Z10



    "Best screen protector by far! Excellent quality, prep materials, and fits great! Very easy to apply unlike so many no glass models." - sino8r Amazon Shopper

    "Totally clear and easy to clean screen protector. No finger drag like other products. Very easy to install in seconds." - Mark Moore Amazon Shopper

    "I was at first hesitant with dropping 15 dollars on this after dropping 11 on another tempered glass protector and getting burned by it, but I have to say this is by far the best value for the price. " - J.V. Amazon Shopper

    "Great product. A must have for the note 10.1. Glass does not interfere with the spen. Glass is hardly noticeable...impressive to say the least." - Shakedra Howland Amazon Shopper

    " It works and feels at least as good as the actual screen - if not better! " - Bob Fosters Amazon Shopper

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