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Plantronics M20a Universal Bluetooth Headset

Average Customer Rating:

Average Customer Rating
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4.6 out of 5
13 Reviews

Plantronics M20a Universal Bluetooth Headset

Product Rating:

Product Review (submitted on March 26, 2012):
I have purchased multiple M20a headsets here for myself and family.
All4Cellular is the best place to buy w/ good pricing and reasonable shipping.

Here's why the M20a is a winner for me:
1. Charges quick and uses standard micro-USB charger
2. Holds a charge. I charge mine about once a week.
3. Plantronics ear-clip is comfortable, clever, and built-in so you can't lose it
4. Voice prompts. No need to decode flashing lights and beeps.
5. Sound is clear on both ends.

Other Thoughts
1. Range isn't super-long. I've gotten probably 10-15ft away from my car
while talking and the distortion reminds me- "Hey dummy, you left
your phone in the car..." Sometime I need to move the phone closer
to get a clear signal. This might be due to some other interference.
Not sure.
2. Like a lot of BT headsets, it will amplify background noise when you're
not talking. So probably best to turn down/off that radio in the background.
3. Loudness. Never had a problem but just a reminder - if sound is too quiet,
try upping the volume both on the headset *and* your phone's in-call
volume. Every now and then I find the headset too soft... and when I check
the phone I find the volume near zero. Quick adjustment @ phone and
we're back to normal. Just an FYI.
That's it. It works, it's reliable, and priced reasonably here. Have at.
- Chuck
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