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Motorola HK202 Universal Bluetooth Headset - Silver

Average Customer Rating:

Average Customer Rating
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5.0 out of 5
3 Reviews

Motorola HK202 Universal Bluetooth Headset - Silver

Product Rating:

Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2012):
I wanted a Bluetooth headset that charged with a micro USB plug. That was my first criteria. The HK200 charges with the same charger that charges my phone, and car GPS so I don't have to carry but one charger when I travel and the chargers at the house work with both phone and headset. The HK200, 201 and 202 are all the same headset, just either gray, black or silver colors.

The unit is light, fits well in the ear and has excellent volume. I've owned about six different Bluetooth headsets and with some of them the volume is low.

All of the functions work excellently but what stands out above the rest of the headset is the voice prompts. If you walk out of range of the phone (20+ feet) the headset will say in a pleasant female voice "Phone Disconnected." When you walk back in range it will say, "Phone Connected." Voice prompts are also used for other functions such as "Low Battery." This beats the pants off of other headsets that use a series of different beeps and tones that sound like R2D2 and you need a manual to decipher what the beeps mean.

I haven't tried the voice dialing capabilities since I don't use that feature anyway.

I bought 3 of these initially. I figured the price was low enough to take the risk. Just to show you how pleased I am with the unit, I'm ordering 3 more. I have a tendency to misplace headsets and it really is a 3 for 1 price at $14. Just in case they either discontinue this unit or sell out, I will have plenty.
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