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Motorola Finiti HZ800 Bluetooth Headset

Average Customer Rating:

Average Customer Rating
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4.8 out of 5
25 Reviews

Motorola Finiti HZ800 Bluetooth Headset

Product Rating:

Product Review (submitted on April 17, 2012):
This earbud won't be for everyone and does have some peculiarities. The way the piece sits in your ear and the ear hoop are different from the others I've used, but the rest of the unit and its function outweigh those issues. I've used and s-9 and s-10 (which I still keep for listening to music), a Jawbone 2, and my subaru outback device.
The voice quality is the best I've owned, controls are easy to use, integrated software is intuitive, sound quailty is great.
I have it paired with a Droid Bionic.
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