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Motorola BQ50 Battery

Average Customer Rating:

Average Customer Rating
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4.6 out of 5
39 Reviews

Motorola BQ50 Battery

Product Rating:

Product Review (submitted on September 6, 2012):
Yes, it works. I put it in my phone, and my phone powered on. I charged my phone, and the battery filled with energy. I left my phone on, and the battery continued to provide power to my phone. At no point did it fail, or complain, or not fit. At no point did it provide any surprises. It didn't even explode, as cell phone batteries are sometimes rumored to do! It just sat there, in my phone, and provided electricity.

So yeah, it gets five stars. It does what it's meant to do. It's low-priced, and provides good value for the money. It doesn't explode. I don't think you can ask for more when buying a proprietary battery which only manufactured or marketed by one company for their own line of cell phones. I suppose the nicest thing I could say is that if I did have a choice of a different manufacturer's battery, I'd still probably get this one because it's first-party, and first-party electronics are generally more reliable than third-party electronics.
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