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Blackberry C-S2 Battery

Average Customer Rating:

Average Customer Rating
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4.9 out of 5
48 Reviews

Blackberry C-S2 Battery

Product Rating:

Product Review (submitted on September 4, 2012):
The battery in my ancient Blackberry was not holding charge for more than 1 day. It was over 4 years old. When I took it out of the phone and examined it, I saw that it was actually "bloated". Its case was bulged out!

Once I searched the Web for replacement batteries I found All4cellular selling the original OEM batteries for less than $5 each! Not the $40 others want for these batteries. I figured for that price it was worth a try (and ordered two, just in case).

The batteries arrived quickly and they are genuine Blackberry batteries. Even if they have been sitting in some warehouse for few years (I really don't know that), they still work really well! I Tested both batteries and they last much longer than my original battery did! What a great find!
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