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Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

In recognition of our unbending dedication to safe, secure, and reliable shopping, Google has awarded All4Cellular its coveted Google Trusted Stores badge—and we couldn't be prouder! Google Trusted Stores badges are reserved for e-commerce sites with long-proven track records of excellence in customer service, order processing, and shipping—qualities that have always been central to All4Cellular’s mission. Simply hover over the badge to reveal precise metrics detailing our shipping and customer service performance. Better yet, with purchase protection from Google at checkout for up to $1,000 in coverage on eligible orders. Shopping at All4Cellular has never been safer, and Google agrees!

Google Trusted Stores helps online stores attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites. Google Trusted Stores is a badge for e­commerce sites which gives users background on merchants—whatever their size—including ratings for on­time shipping and customer service. Google stands behind merchants that have earned the Google Trusted Stores badge with a $1,000 lifetime purchase protection guarantee per shopper..

When a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have free purchase protection from Google. Then, if a problem arises with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with the merchant and customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

The Google Trusted Stores program helps shoppers buy online with confidence. The Google Trusted Store badge is only awarded to stores with a proven track record of reliable, on­time shipping and excellent customer service. So when shoppers see the Google Trusted Store badge on e­commerce websites, they know they’re buying from a store that provides a consistently excellent shopping experience.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

At All4Cellular, our goal is to make your shopping experience as easy, enjoyable, and reliable as possible, and we're constantly seeking improvements. That means taking advantage of the newest technologies and innovations as soon they become available to keep our interface on the cutting edge.

Our newest round of improvements is both subtle and powerful: a new Search system, powered by Nextopia. Together, we've dramatically improved Search on All4Cellular.com with a host of sophisticated technologies designed to make your searches faster, more accurate, and more intelligent.

Don't know exactly what you're looking for? Not a problem. Our new search metrics will help guide you to the perfect product, at the perfect price. Results will draw in other related items, chosen through a complex network of attibutes, user preferences, and intuitive metrics, so you'll find just want you wanted—even if you didn't know you wanted it. Not sure about the exact spelling? The new search will correct it. Looking for something very specific? Advanced Search, too, will be more precise and more intuitive.

Our new Search is just one of many improvements coming to All4Cellular in the near future, each designed to bring you, our loyal customers, the best shopping experience possible.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome to the new All4Cellular.com! As you've probably noticed, we've made some big changes to the look and layout of the store. Menus, listings, and site navigation have all been improved to better suit our ever-expanding inventory and to reflect the changing needs of our customers. We think you'll find the new site faster, smarter, more intuitive, and, hopefully, more fun.

First things first: the Home Page. Perhaps the biggest change you'll find on the new All4Cellular.com is the upgraded menu system. We've done away with the old categorical tabs in favor of a more comprehensive, better-integrated menu, allowing you to easily navigate to the product type, specific category, and brand you're looking for.

Don't have a specific product in mind? Browsing, too, has been made easier, with several new ways to check out great deals of all kinds. Our new homepage features five continually updating rows of products organized by unique criteria, including Flash Deals, Most Popular Items, Recent Additions, and Products on the Rise, where you'll find all the hot new products just beginning to fly off the shelves.

As you roll over items, you'll notice some handy new options, including: Quick View, which brings up a floating window featuring a preview of the product listing; and Add to Wishlist and Add to Compare, which save items in an easy to access drawer at the bottom of the page. Moreover, Add to Compare allows you to easily line up similar products and compare features and specifications, eliminating the need to jump between pages and listings. Of course, if you see an item and it's love at first sight, you can always add it straight to our revamped Shopping Cart with one click of the Buy Now button.

We've also added a new, centrally-located History feature, so you can hop from one product to the next without worrying you'll lose track of your recently viewed items. This is a welcome feature for anyone looking to do some last-minute shopping, just in time for the holidays.

You may be thinking: this is all well and good, but what about the deals? Good news. As our site expands, so will the variety and frequency of our famous discounts. As in the past, new promotions, including Daily Deal and Phone of the Week, will continue to take a central place on the homepage alongside exciting new promotions. Jump over to the Cellular landing, and you'll find a new Featured Items area that updates to relevant listings as you roll over product categories.

We'll also soon be introducing a number of new content areas to the site, each designed to help inform and simplify your shopping experience in its own way. These include the new Cellular Database (CDB), where you'll find comprehensive phone and tablet reviews and specifications; Tutorials, featuring in-depth how-to and glossary articles demystifying the jargon-filled tech-world; News, where we'll keep you in-the-know on industry updates and upgrades; and the Forum, where you'll have a chance to ask questions and share information (including photos, video, and testimonials) with each other and with the All4Cellular team.

Together, these changes will constitute the new All4Cellular, soon to be known simply as A4C. We've come a long way from the small re-seller of cellular accessories that opened for business five years ago, and A4C reflects our growing ambitions, as well as the ever-expanding presence and possibilities inherent in our brand. Of course, you'll still find the same amazing deals and impeccable customer service you've come to expect from All4Cellular. But we're confident you'll agree that these changes only serve to enhance those core principles, and we hope you'll follow us on our way to what's sure to be a bright and exciting future.

Friday, November 2, 2012

While the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy here in New York is far from over, we are pleased to announce that All4Cellular is once again fully operational. Thanks to the 480 MegaWatt generator pictured below, full power has been restored to our New York offices and the staff has returned in full. All new orders are now shipping within 24 business hours and all past orders are up to date.




Our phone system is once again operational, but please, if possible, do continue to contact us via email at support@all4cellular.com, or through our Contact Form found on our Contact page. Email responses are currently 95% up-to-date, and we will continue to attend to questions and concerns as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your patience in this trying time, and hope that all have remained safe. Once again, thank you for choosing All4Celluar, and we look forward to fulfilling all of your future cellular needs.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has proven a trying one for much of the New York City area. Recovery efforts stretch across miles of city blocks in a tireless communal push to restore the everyday lives of both businesses and individuals. All4Cellular, too, is doing its part to restore service back to our usual, high-standard levels. Working in the dark with flashlights, running a small fleet of computers off of small generators, the All4Cellular team has been determined to deliver on its commitment to keeping our customers completely satisfied. 95% of orders have been fulfilled, and all future orders placed should ship within 24 hours.

Despite our phone system being down, three shifts of Customer Service Associates graciously sit at the helm, addressing any and all outstanding support inquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. To date, up to 75% of all inquiries have been resolved. Should you require assistance with an order, have a question, anything, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at support@all4cellular.com, or through our Contact Form found on our Contact page.

We thank you for your patience, certainly hope you haven't been inconvenienced in any way, and look forward to providing you with all of your future cellular needs.

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