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iPhone OS (iOS) Version 3



iPhone OS 3 added a number of capabilities for newer iPhone models (as well as producing the final operating system update available for the now-obsolete iPhone 1, iPhone OS 3.1.3) in 2009, including a camcorder function under the existing “Camera” designation, MMS messaging within “Messages”, and voice controls/input (labelled “Voice Control” and “Voice Memos,” respectively).

iPhone OS 3 also introduced support for a compass (“Compass”) and an advanced pedometer/run timer, the popular “Nike + iPod” feature, which requires an outside sensor attached to either shoes or an armband, both of which are sold separately.

iPhone OS 3 brought cut, copy, and paste functions to the iPhone, and also added basic support for the A2DP and AVRCP profiles in Bluetooth.

iPhone OS 3.2 was also the first OS released for the iPad and features a number of capabilities not present on the iPhone at the time (support for iBooks, for instance).


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