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The BlueAnt Resources, Information, and Product Links Page

By Jorge Peralta



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About BlueAnt:

BlueAnt Wireless is a designer and distributor of Bluetooth devices and accessories, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with offices in San Francisco and London. Their product range includes Bluetooth headsets for hands-free mobile phone conversations and speakerphones designed to attach to the sun-visor of a car for in-car hands-free conversations.

Launched May 1, 2010 the T1 is one of the first attempts on a "ruggedized" bluetooth headset. Features include on-board voice commands similar to previous blueant headsets. Android devices will allow sms/mms messages to be verbalized to your headset as soon as they are received with installation of the "Blueant T1" application. Launched April 1, 2009, the BlueAnt Q1 allows users to easily control their headset with simple Voice Commands rather than pressing multiple buttons or even looking at the phone. For example, the Q1 supports such commands as “Redial”, “Call back”, “Answer/ignore call,” and “Check battery.” Users can even ask the Q1, “What can I say?”, and the headset will verbally list all features available on the device. The headset also features noise cancelling and Bluetooth multipoint technology (which allows two active mobile phones to be connected at the same time). Launched on January 7, 2008, the BlueAnt V1 was the first headset from Blueant to feature full voice control, multipoint technology and noise cancelling in the same package. Initially launched August 2007, the Z9 was a compact Bluetooth wireless headset. The Z9i revision added better noise cancellation and multipoint technology.

(Source: Wikipedia)


BlueAnt + Shopping = A4C

Here at A4C we carry a wide range of BlueAnt products made specifically for your wireless needs. Whether you need a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone, we've got you covered! For specific items made by BlueAnt, check out the links below for your browsing pleasure. Should you not see a specific product you are looking for, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


BlueAnt Products by Category:

Bluetooth Headsets,
Bluetooth Speakerphones.


BlueAnt Resources:
Blueant Home Page: blueantwireless.com
Blueant Support: Blueant Support


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