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Multipoint enables Bluetooth users to run multiple devices (anywhere from two to seven active connections depending on the specific abilities of your device) through a single Bluetooth headset simultaneously. Multipoint became functional as a result of the Enhanced Data Rate introduced in Bluetooth version 2.0.


By establishing a “piconet,” a network of wirelessly enabled devices within range of a headset, Multipoint means that you can, say, answer a connected telephone while listening to an MP3 player and having a Skype conversation on a laptop, all in the same room at the same time, under the controls of a single device. Best yet, Multipoint means that you don’t need to go through the pairing process each time you switch devices, limiting the need for unnecessary fiddling with the electronics in question. Multipoint works anywhere your Bluetooth does- establishing a connection to your laptop and phone at work is as simple as setting up your phone and iPod in your car. 


All the gadgets in your life, sharing and communicating under a single umbrella - and you don’t even need to leave your seat.


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