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Headset Driver Size



Drivers are the bowl-shaped components within headsets (as well as larger speakers) that create the output sound from loudspeakers, headphones, and televisions. Drivers act as transducers (which convert energy from one form to another), converting vibrations from the attached coils to waves of air pressure, which then carry the appropriate sound spectrum. Drivers can be fabricated out of many textiles, including paper, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic.

If you have a particular preference for the tonal spectrum present in your audio (i.e. lots of bass), you may wish to consider checking the driver size utilized. A larger driver size alters the frequency of the sound output, enriching the lower bass tones but typically sacrificing the higher (treble) frequencies. A larger driver size does not directly adhere to a higher overall sound quality, however, but simply alters tonal range.

For non-audiophiles, driver size shouldn’t weigh too heavily on your decision, but if you have a known preference for bass-heavy sound, you may wish to seek a larger driver.


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