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Introduction to Bluetooth Versions



As the electronic devices in our lives have evolved at an increasingly rapid pace, so too have the ways that those devices communicate with each other. Over the course of the last decade or so, Bluetooth, the technology allowing wireless data transfer between the products that we use every day, has become faster, more secure, and increasingly user-friendly.


Each update to the Bluetooth technology offers tangible improvements over the versions that preceded it, but even the earliest Bluetooth technology has the benefit of eliminating the need for wires or power-draining WiFi as a means for device-to-device communication, a paramount factor when linking all Bluetooth-enabled devices in your home, car, or office.


Each new version of Bluetooth has been backwards compatible with the previous versions, so devices equipped with version 2.0 contain the features and improvements of versions 1.1 and 1.2, and so on.


Ultimately, all Bluetooth products release the consumer from a mess of tangled wires that once were a necessity, and as such, using any version of the Bluetooth core specifications can prove beneficial. But users seeking a variety of benefits, from the speedy transfer of larger files to increasingly lower energy expenditures, will find that using the newest versions available can change the way one interfaces with the electronics that have become an essential part of everyday living.


To find the specific capabilities of various Bluetooth versions, see below:

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