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Introduction to Bluetooth Profiles



Bluetooth technology utilizes a number of different profiles depending on what two devices are connected, because the way a cell phone functions when attached to a wireless headset is inherently different than the way a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player interacts with wireless headphones.


Each profile serves to define how Bluetooth can be used. In order for a specific task to be carried out (say, transfer of an image file), the device sending the file and the device receiving the file must have the same profile (in the case of images, the basic imaging profile). Profiles negotiate the framework for any device-to-device interaction, reducing lag by limiting the amount of time spent defining the nature of Bluetooth inter-device relationships.


Each Bluetooth core specification contains a multitude of profiles, allowing Bluetooth connections between any number of different device types. Because not all Bluetooth profiles are available in every version of Bluetooth, it is important to take note of which types of profiles are present in the Bluetooth device you purchase depending on what your desired use for that device is.  


Common Bluetooth profiles include: A2DP, AVRCP, FTP, HSP, GAP, and PBA

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