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Bluetooth Version 3.0 + HS



Bluetooth version 3.0 + HS (high speed) was introduced in 2009, and offered every feature of the previously released versions with a few significant improvements.


Most signicantly, version 3.0 + HS boasted a theoretical data transfer rate of 24 megabytes per second (when combined with an 802.11 connection, the same connection utilized in WiFi). This remarkable transfer rate is achieved through the use of a technology called AMP, which, in the case of particularly large file transfers, utilizes a local WiFi connection for enhanced data speed.


Additionally, version 3.0 fixes minor bugs from previous versions as well as reduces battery consumption to a fraction of the previous core specifications. As in the case of EDR, the high speed component is not an implict function of version 3.0, but is noted by the HS designation in compatible devices.

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