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Bluetooth Version 2.0 + EDR



Bluetooth introduced the version 2.0 + EDR core specification upgrade in 2004. Version 2.0’s primary enhancement over the previous core specification is the introduction of EDR, or Enhanced Data Rate. EDR arguably served as the single largest improvement to Bluetooth since version 1.1, allowing for an increased data transfer rate of 3.0 MB, around three times the speed of the previous version. The primary benefit of this increased transfer rate is an improved capablity for the handling of multiple devices via a single handset. This technology, known as "multipoint," has become a touchstone of the Bluetooth experience, rapidly expanding the possible uses of Bluetooth beyond simple phone-to-headset transmission.

Very few products operate under version 2.0 without the benefit of EDR, but those that do offer tangible speed improvements over version 1.2.  ersion 2.0 also boasts a reduced strain on the battery life of enabled devices.

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