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  • Tablets: Overview
  • Tablets: The Computing Device of Choice?

In today's constantly-evolving portable electronics world, tablets have become the bridge between Smartphones and laptops. The lightweight tablets offer a multitude of benefits, including user friendliness and ease of portability versus bulkier, traditional laptops. Additionally, faster processors equal higher speed, while larger screen size and sharper screen resolution give tablets an edge over Smartphones.

Laptops, Tablets and eReaders: Mobility and Flexibility

With an increasingly vast selection of options available to the consumer, it can be a daunting task to decide which device is best suited for your needs. Ranging in size from 7” all the way up to 12 inches, tablets are a great option for those who seek computing on the go. Sleek and lightweight, these highly-portable devices provide the user with full control of the screen, applications and features.

With a simple touch of the screen or a stylus, gaming becomes more interactive, while the tablet’s tactile capabilities give a much more hands-on experience than a mouse for illustrating and drawing. What’s more, you can store all of your music, photos or videos, as well as video chat and read books on their built-in eReaders, making the tablet an extremely attractive computing device for active lifestyles. Tablets such as the Nokia Lumia 2520 offer GPS capability, another handy component that consumers may find appealing.

For movie fanatics, there are some tablets that are DVD compatible – for example, Samsung’s SE-218BB DVD/CD writer is an ultra-thin DVD drive designed with portability and tablet compatibility in mind. Powered by a USB connection and ready to plug-and-play with Mac, PC, and Android 3.1+ hardware, the device measures in at only 14mm thick, which Samsung says “18 percent thinner than conventional DVD writers.” Other tablets offer Bluetooth speaker and Blu-ray compatibility, allowing consumers to optimize their listening and viewing capacity.

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Tablet vs. Laptop

While tablets are compact, lightweight and easy to carry, they don’t necessarily offer the processing power of a consumer laptop. For those who casually browse the web, play games or watch movies while traveling, tablets may be the ideal mobile device. Specifically, tablets are a great go-to computing alternative for those who specialize in music and design. Used to transfer drawings from tablets to design software and other programs, designers may find the tablet a great device, especially for those who travel frequently. The same applies for DJs and producers who find themselves on the road, as tablets have been used from everything to live sequencing, mixing and mobile production. In fact, there have been a number of applications designed especially for tablets so that DJs may use their favorite studio equipment on the move. If you’re trying to decide between a laptop and a tablet, it’s important to remember there is no right or wrong choice; it’s more about the preferred option for your particular needs. Although both devices offer convenience as well as product-specific benefits, ultimately the ‘best’ option will be based on what tasks you wish accomplish. For example, if you travel frequently and enjoy watching TV programs or gaming, the tablet may be a better alternative. Although a tablet may be a great device for the creative types, they might not offer the speed (or be as much of a work horse) as a laptop; therefore, you may want to consider a tablet in addition to your laptop or at-home computer system for those times when you need to have a lightweight mobile computing device on hand.

Cost Effective vs. Convenience: Choose Your Mobile Device Wisely

Which brings us to the next issue: the price tag. If you’re looking for budget-friendly alternatives to a standard home PC or laptop, the tablet is certainly a more affordable option to consider. For casual Internet browsers and computer users, the tablet may be the perfect solution for you. On the other hand, it’s important to note that the care of your tablet is crucial, as the touchscreen display is on the fragile side. Although they are structurally quite sturdy, once the screen has been scratched or damaged, it may render your device useless.

The bottom line: make a list of features that you’re looking for to determine the best mobile computing device for you. For those who wish to carry their computer with them on the go, the lightweight tablet might be the ideal choice. On the other hand, you may prefer a physical keypad and not be a fan of touchscreen – these are all features you’ll want to consider carefully before making your final decision. We suggest doing your research as thoroughly as possible, weigh the pros and cons of each device, and figure out what your needs and expectations are before you make a purchase.

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