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  • Battery Doors Overview

The battery door is a simple but essential component of most cell phones. Its function is straightforward: protect the battery from the elements while nonetheless allowing for easy removal and replacement. Because battery doors are removable, however, and because they cover much of the back of a phone, they can be particularly susceptible to damage and loss. Going without a battery door for any length of time is, moreover, a bad idea; doing so exposes the battery and its connectors to various damaging elements, including heat, dust, and moisture.

Battery doors have come to serve another, less straightforward purpose, however: they're also one of the simplest ways to customize and stylize your phone. If the prospect of putting your phone in a skin or case is unappealing, substituting a new battery door may be the best (or only) way to make a bold aesthetic statement with your device.

Battery doors are designed and produced by cell phone manufacturers, as well as by third party accessory developers like Tokidoki, and are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and images designed to help set your phone apart. Of course, if you simply want to replace a stock battery door, or if you've upgraded your battery to an extended life version, cell phone manufacturers offer replacement doors in the full spectrum of original colors.

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