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Wired Headsets -

Enormous range of Stereo, Mono, 3.5mm, & 2.5mm Headsets. We carry the biggest brands including: Soul, Sony, Skullcandy, Apple,Samsung Monster and more...

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  1. Siege Audio The Alpha Earbud Headphones - Black (Main View)

    Siege Audio The Alpha Earbud Headphones - Black

    Regular Price: $29.99

    $29.99 $14.95

    SIEGE AUDIO makes every effort to ensure a quality listening experience, no matter what the price. These ALPHA buds are an incredible value and a serious upgrade from any other headphone set in this price range. They are extremely comfortable no matter whose ears they are in - the tapered shape and interchangeable caps make them fit in any ear shape with ease. As far as sound, these will deliver unbelievably clear audio that will stack up next to any set of buds. The ALPHA buds are tuned for maximum listening compatibility: Any track, any artist will sound incredible on these!

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1 Item(s)
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