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  1. 216 LED Ultra High Power Light Panel w/ Camera Mount (Thumb)

    216 LED Ultra High Power Light Panel w/ Camera Mount

    Regular Price: $69.99

    $69.99 $34.95

    Key Features:

    • 216 high-quality LED bulbs
    • Adjustable brightness
    • Drastically improves photo / video lighting
    • 3 color filters included
    • Filters fasten by 4 magnets on front of LCD panel
    • Can be used with a variety of battery types
    • Connects to the hot / cold shoe found on thousands of Canon, Nokia and Olympus cameras
    • Can be mounted to a stand with a 1/4" screw mount
    • Lightweight, portable and compact
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  2. iHome iHM12 Speaker Case (Main View)

    iHome iHM12 Speaker Case

    Regular Price: $39.99

    $39.99 $5.95

    The iHome iHM12 Speaker Case Features:

    • Zippered case ensures your iPod or MP3 player won't accidently slip or fall out
    • Carabineer attaches to belt loop, as well as purse or backpack strap
    • Flat panel NXT speaker technology produces crisp, clear sound
    • Inner mesh pouch holds your device securely in place
    • Hard-wired AUX / MP3 line-in jack 
    • Great for travel use
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  3. Sony Walkman MP3 Player W Series (NWZ-W262) 2GB - Orange / Black (Thumb)

    Sony Walkman MP3 Player W Series (NWZ-W262) 2GB - Orange / Black

    Regular Price: $59.99

    $59.99 $59.95

    The Sony Walkman MP3 Player W Series (NWZ-W262) 2GB Features:

    • Exclusive Sony Clear Audio Technologies: Clear Stereo and Clear Bass Audio Technologies for deep, rich sound
    • Wireless and easy-to-wear - earplugs slide easily into the ears
    • Playlist compatible with iTunes for Windows and Windows Media Player
    • Water-resistant - ideal for workouts
    • 2 GB memory - can hold hours of music
    • ZAPPIN search feature - navigate through your song collection with ease
    • USB cable for charging (included)
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  4. Apple iPhone 4 / 4S 12x Optical Zoom Telephoto Lens w/ Mini-Tripod - Black (Thumbnail)

    12x Manual Focus Telephoto Lens for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S w/ Mini-Tripod - Black

    Regular Price: $59.95

    $59.95 $14.95

    Key Features:

    • Gives you high magnification without your photos being grainy
    • Easy to install
    • 12X Manual Focus
    • F22mm lens
    • Mini-tripod and carrying case included
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  5. Orbo NR22 Extreme Action Camera - Black (Thumb)

    Orbo NR22 Extreme Action Camera 1080p HD, 4x Digital Zoom

    Regular Price: $99.99

    $99.99 $59.95

    Key Features:

    • Capture The Moment - The compact and lightweight Orbo Extreme Action Camera is perfect for snapping pictures and recording video during extreme activities, such as snowboarding, biking, paddle sports, or any water or action activity. Live in the moment, and relive it later!
    • Brilliant LCD Screen - View all images in color on the gorgeous 2" High Definition LCD Touchscreen! All camera functions / modes display on the screen and are easy to navigate.
    • Snaps Pictures & Records Video - The mini Orbo camera allows you take pictures in 5M (2592 x 1944), 3M (2048 x 1536), and 1M (1280 x 1024) resolution. It's easy to switch from one resolution to the other. Capture all your movements in High-Def at any given moment! Record video in VGA (640 x 480) and HD (1280 x 720) mode.
    • 4x Optical Zoom – The 9.3mm fixed focus lens gives you a 4x optical zoom. Capture small images from a distance with this incredible camera.
    • Waterproof Case - Store your handy camera in the included clear waterproof case. It snaps shut, securing the camera in place. Great for swimming, diving, surfboarding, and any other water sport. 
    • Cool Accessories - Includes a sturdy bike mount and a helmet mount. Keep your hands free at all times! Simply snap the camera into place and be on your way.
    • Rechargeable Battery - Charge the built-in 3.7v Lithium battery via your computer or laptop. Use the included USB cable to connect the Orbo camera to your device, and the car charger to keep your camera powered up while on the go.
    • Memory Card Slot - Insert a Micro SD card (up to 32GB) in the built-in slot, and securely store all your precious media content.
    • Compact and Lightweight - The Orbo camera fits right in the palm on your hands. Weighing a mere 1.6 ounces, the Orbo camera is the perfect travel companion. 
    • Dimensions - 2.64" x 1.89" x 1.14" (L x W x H)
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  6. Rayovac Flashlight 3-Pack - Red (Main View)

    Rayovac Flashlight 3-Pack - Red

    Regular Price: $19.95

    $19.95 $4.95

    Need some more light in your life? Maybe you're an aspiring spelunker, drawn to the world's wildest caves. Or maybe you're a little concerned about the wave of freakish superstorms pummeling the East Coast as of late. Don't get caught in the dark again! With the Rayovac Flashlight 3-Pack, you'll be as well-prepared for a deliberate descent into the craggy depths of the earth as for society's descent into natural disaster-inflicted anarchy. These three high-quality flashlights provides hours of powerful light, and feature a highly-visible red exterior.

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  7. Hand Crank All-Purpose LED Flashlight - 4 Pack (Thumb)

    Hand Crank All-Purpose LED Flashlight - 4 Pack

    Regular Price: $39.99

    $39.99 $9.95

    The 4 Pack of Hand Crank All-Purpose LED Flashlights Features:

    • Three (3) strong LED lights provide bright lighting in dark areas
    • No batteries required - simply squeeze the mechanical crank to recharge flashlight
    • Handy in emergencies such as an unexpected power outages
    • Lightweight and portable - perfect for storing in your purse or bag
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Colors: black, red, yellow, blue
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  8. 360 Degree Rotating Desktop Stand for iPad (Thumb)

    360 Degree Rotating Desktop Stand for iPad

    Regular Price: $69.99

    $69.99 $19.95

    The 360 Degree Rotating Desktop Stand for iPad Features:

    • Long "gooseneck" mount - over 2 feet long
    • Top and bottom clamps hold iPad securely in place, so it won't slip or fall off
    • Adjustable bottom screw and cap fit a variety of tables and desks
    • Works with the Apple iPad, and many other tablets (up to 9.5 inches)

    Note - Once tablet is securely in place, rotate to the right for a variety of viewing options (up to 360 degrees)

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  9. The Sharper Image Auto Power Charging Station & Tire Gauge (Thumb)

    The Sharper Image Auto Power Charging Station & Tire Gauge (Bulk)

    Regular Price: $24.99

    $24.99 $7.95

    The Sharper Image Auto Power Charging Station & Tire Gauge Features:

    • Recharges cell phones, laptops, iPods, GPS units and more!
    • Charging station powers up to 4 mobile devices at once
    • Adapter plugs into cigarette lighter
    • Tire gauge monitors tire pressure up to 50 PSI
    • Small and easy to carry around
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  10. Sony MP3 Player 16GB Walkman NWZ-E385 - Black (Thumb)

    Sony MP3 Player 16GB Walkman NWZ-E385 - Black (Scratch n' dent)

    Regular Price: $99.95

    $99.95 $54.95

    Key Features:

    • Micro-USB transfer to your PC via iTunes or Windows Media Player
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Support for videos, photos, and music
    • Features an extended battery life
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