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  1. Fly Bike Foldable Scooter (Thumb)

    Fly Bike Foldable Kids Scooter

    Regular Price: $89.99

    $89.99 $27.95

    Setting it apart from most scooters on the market, the compact Fly Bike Foldable Kids Scooter easily folds down for travel purposes and easy storage. Its portable design makes it perfect for the indoors and outdoors. Your child can ride it inside the house, in the front or back yard, or at the park. A mix between a bicycle and a scooter, the Fly Bike Scooter is ideal for toddlers who are not old enough to ride a regular 2-wheel bicycle. The Fly Bike Scooter features:

    • Foldable and Light-weight: You can store the Fly Bike in most closets (small or large), under the bed, or even your car's trunk while traveling. It's small and comfortable size makes it easy to transport. Simply lift the scooter with one hand to move it from one room (or space) to the next.
    • 3-Wheel Design with Seat: Provides great stability - helps young riders build coordination while providing a safe riding experience (compared to 2-wheel scooters that can be unstable and hard to maneuver). A sturdy yet comfortable built-in seat is also included.
    • Independence Early On: The Fly Bike teaches children to balance and steer while using their own feet to push the scooter. No parental assistance is needed. The wheels are designed for a smooth and quiet ride.
    • Ideal for Toddlers: Specifically designed for kids ages 1-4, the Fly Bike is perfect for children who are constantly on the go.  It’ll keep your child occupied while allowing him or her to move in any direction.
    • Perfect for Boys or Girls: Available in a vibrant and attractive blue or pink.


    • Folded: 18"x6.5"x3.5"
    • Open: 18"x20"x13"
    • Weight: 3.75 Lbs.
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  2. H2O Vibe Galaxy Note II Waterproof Case (Thumb)

    H2O Vibe™ Universal Smartphone Waterproof Case up to 5.3 inches

    Regular Price: $19.99

    $19.99 $8.95

    The H2O Vibe™ Universal Smartphone Waterproof Case Features:

    • Protects your smartphone from water damage
    • IPX8 certified up to 100 feet (30 meters)
    • Secure snap-and-lock seal
    • Removable neck strap
    • Measures 5.3 ft., ideal for larger smartphones such as the Galaxy Note II & Nokia Lumia 920
    • Available in purple, yellow, white, pink, and black
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  3. Kikkerland Special Effects Jelly Lenses (Main View)

    Kikkerland Special Effects Jelly Lenses

    Regular Price: $7.99

    $7.99 $4.95

    Customize the size, shape and effect of pictures you take on your mobile phone or compact digital camera with the Kikkerland Special Effects Jelly Lenses. By using Kikkerland's Jelly Lens over the lens of your camera when you take your picture, you get instant special effects. Choose from a green Super Wide Angle lens that simulates a near fish-eye effect, and a pink heart-shaped design! It's compact design makes it perfect for travel use, so you can add special effects to your pictures wherever you go. A keychain clasp lets you attach the lens to your keychain so it's always easily accessible.

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3 Item(s)
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