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  1. Samsung AAEP405SBE Hands-Free Stereo Headphones
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Samsung AAEP405SBE Stereo Headphones (View of Ear Buds)

Samsung AAEP405SBE Hands-Free Stereo Headphones

by  Samsung

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Lightweight and comfortable, the Samsung AAEP405SBE Hand-Free Stereo Headphones enable you to carry on conversations, or listen to music while you're on the go. The Samsung AAEP405SBE Hand-Free Stereo Headset enables you to use Samsung cellular devices with an S20 pin connection. It features an easy-to-use control button, so you can answer, end, or mute phone calls all at your finger tips.



Manufacturer Samsung
Part Number AAEP405SBE
Functions Multifunction button
Connector type Unique
Color Black
Other Part Numbers GH59-04615A
Product Condition New
Package is Complete With: Samsung AAEP405SBE Hand-Free Stereo Headphones
Compatibility Samsung S20-Pin compatible devices including, Impression (SGH-a877), SCH-r211, Memoir (SGH-t929), Omnia (SCH-i910), Saga (SCH-i770), Hue II (SCH-r600), Eternity (SGH-a867), Finesse (SCH-r810), SGH-a777, Renown (SCH-u810), Gravity (T459), Behold (SGH-t919), Delve (SCH-r800), SGH-a137, Epix (SGH-i907), Propel (A767), JetSet (SCH-r550), SGH-t109, SGH-a637, u650 Sway, SCH-u430, Rugby (SGH-a837), SGH-a237, Knack (SCH-u310), Messager (SCH-r450), SGH-t339, SPH-z400, SGH-t229, Instinct (SPH-m800), Slash (SPH-m310), u940 Glyde, Soul (SGH-u900), Access (A827), MyShot (SCH-r430), Spex (SCH-r210), SCH-r610, Ace (SPH-i325), SGH-t819, SGH-t639, Helio Mysto (SPH-a523), SCH-r300, Katalyst (SGH-t739), SCH-r410, BlackJack II (SGH-i617), SLM (SGH-a747), SGH-t439, Soul (SGH-u900), Beat (SGH-t539), SGH-a517, SGH-t429, SGH-a127, SGH-a737, SGH-a737, Gleam (SCH-u700), u470 Juke, Helio Fin (SPH-a513), SPH-m520, SCH-r200, SCH-u410, SCH-R400, SGH-t409, SGH-a117, Blast (SGH-t729), Hue (R500), SPH-m300, SPH-m510,
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