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  1. LG G2 Touchscreen Digitizer & Tool Kit
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LG G2 Touchscreen Digitizer & Tool Kit (Main View)

LG G2 Touchscreen Digitizer & Tool Kit

by  LG

Regular Price: $69.99

Sale price: $24.95


You wake up to go to the restroom in the middle of the night, and as you grasp the walls to find your footing in the dark, you step on your LG G1 (CRUNCH). You fumble for the light switch, turn on the overhead, and...drat. A crack the shape of a spiderweb has rendered your touchscreen unresponsive. You know you can't afford to buy a replacement right now. But what you DO know (from experience, this isn't your first time at the "device smashing" rodeo) is that you can go back to bed and order an LG G2 Touchscreen Digitizer in the morning for a fraction of the cost of a new tablet, restoring like-new functionality (and a crack-free screen) to your G2. You breathe a sigh of relief, resolve to buy a proper side table once you have some cash, and get back in that comfy bed of yours!

Manufacturer LG
Product Condition New
Package is Complete With: Digitizer, 2 Pry Tools, Pry Triangle, Suction Cup, Pentalobe, Philips Screwdriver, T5, T6
Compatibility LG G2,
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