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Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Average Customer Rating:

Average Customer Rating
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4.8 out of 5
11 Reviews

Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Product Rating:

Product Review (submitted on October 15, 2012):
I received the Jabra Cruiser for a gilf and thought I would be disappointed having wanted one to use for an ear. I was totally wrong - I don't have some thing stuck next to my ear that could be distracting from the noise being so close to it. The Jafra just clips on your sun visor or lay it on your seat like I do at times. The sound is more distant and not overly loud plus you can also adjust the sound compared to a ear set. It also allows one to have the sound from the Jabra come through ones vehicle speakers if you choose to - I prefer listening to the Jabra's sound all by itself its very clear a real sounding. Its very clear sounding not only for you but the person your talking to. It cancels out back ground noise so the person your talking to can't even tell your using it - according to the many people I have talked to. I have had mine for roughly 3 years and I still use it even though my car has the feature in its radio. I just don't like listening to the sound coming from my radio's speakers compared to the Jabra Cruiser's great sounding speaker. You can also keep it in one room of your house and your cel-phone in another and have basically 2 ways of using your cel-phone which I also do. The range is roughly 40 feet give or take a bit, at least mine is. It charges fast only takes roughly 20 minutes with the plug in charger that comes with it in my car. Stand by time is roughly - the company states 14 hours but I have gotten much more with mine. Plus it will turn exself off once it does not have a blue tooth connection available. Once you enter your car with your cel-phone turned on - turn your Jabra on - its states its connected and your ready to receive and send calls just by pushing the center of the Jabra - it ask for the person or number you would like to call - you speak the number or persons name - thats it. It works just like the voice commands on most cel-phones - you just push a button and a promp ask basically what you would like it to do and by voice command it does it without taking your hands off the steering wheel except to push its button one time. I have purchased 3 for gilfs & at roughly $50 its a deal. Cheers
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