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  1. Sony Digital Voice Recorder ICD-TX50 - Black (Thumb)

    Sony Digital Voice Recorder ICD-TX50 - Black (Refurbished)

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    Are you an aspiring journalist, working your way up the ranks, hoping to one day be on that Pulitzer stage receiving international plaudits for your super-compelling exposé of some sort of corporation's secret cover-up of a toxic sludge river down by the local high school. Be prepared though; that corporation's CEO will deny every word of your story. Shoot down his untenable arguments once and for all with the interview you've recorded and saved on your Sony Digital Voice Recorder ICD-TX50! With a 24-hour rechargeable battery, high-quality stereo microphone with noise dampening, and an LED display, this recorder will bring those monsters to justice. There's even a built-in pocket clip, so you won't lose your recorder when you have to run from those kneecap-smashing goons!

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