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  1. Space Bag Vacuum-Seal Storage Tote - Large (Thumb)

    Space Bag Vacuum-Seal Storage Tote - Large

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    We don't know about you, but we have a problem: we are hoarders. We love sweaters: wool, cashmere, cotton, even the occasional poly-blend Cosby sweater. However, in terms of size, our rooms could never be called "palatial." So what are we going to do when summer rolls back around and it's too muggy for our favorite cardigans and crew-necks? With the Space Bag Vacuum-Seal Storage Tote, we'll be fine! Just pack, vac(uum), and store under your bed or in a closet for a seal that wastes no extra space with air. These water-tight storage bags are perfect for bulky bedding and all your winter wares, providing protection against mildew, dirt, and bugs, so your collection will be as fresh as the day they were sealed once fall rolls back around. Now, about those other collections...

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