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  1. Mini Stylus Pen 2 Pack - Red / Black (Thumb)

    Mini Stylus Pen 2 Pack - Red / Black

    Regular Price: $7.99

    $7.99 $4.95

    Do the virtual keys on your phone only seem to be getting smaller and less accurate with each passing day? Have you sent an embarrassingly error-filled text message to an important person in your life because you can't quite hit the correct key? Remedy that problem with our Mini Stylus Pen 2 Pack. Featuring the ability to fit into your pocket or attach to your keyring or phone's 3.5mm headphone jack, this set contains one black and one red mini-stylus pen capable of super-accurate typing on all capacitive touchscreen devices. No more embarrassing accidentally raunchy texts!

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1 Item(s)
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