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Chargers - Plantronics - 1.1
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  1. Plantronics 77393-04 Home Charger

    Plantronics 77393-04 Home Charger

    Regular Price: $4.95

    $4.95 $3.95

    Connect your cell phone to this new, original Plantronics wall charger and plug it into any wall outlet to get powered up and to give your weak or dead battery a much-needed charge.  Its built-in IC chip prevents overcharging and short circuit, thereby protecting your cell phone.  It is adaptable to all voltage requirements throughout the US, Europe and Asia  (100~240v),  giving you the convenience of easy access when you’re on the go.  High-quality, portable and stylish, this Plantronics wall charger is the perfect replacement for the original, and great as a spare for travel use.

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  2. Plantronics 66879-101 Home Charger (Main View)

    Plantronics 66879-101 Home Charger

    Regular Price: $4.95

    $4.95 $2.95

    Affordable and lightweight, the Plantronics 66879-101 Home Charger is perfect for the traveler who doesn't want to bring along an entire desktop charging unit. Just plug the Plantronics 66879-101 Home Charger into any outlet for a quick charge. As an added feature, this unit can also power the phone while you talk. The charger is compatible with the following Plantronics headset models: Voyager 510, Explorer 320, Discovery 640 - 665

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2 Item(s)
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