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  1. Samsung Katalyst T739 Battery Door / Back Cover

    Samsung Katalyst T739 Battery Door - Silver

    Regular Price: $15.99

    $15.99 $2.95

    This original OEM Samsung Katalyst T739 Battery Door / Back Door is only OEM replacement or spare for your T739 cellular device. Made from high quality and durable material, the Samsung T739 Battery Door is your best choice to ensure that your SGH-T739's battery door or back cover stays right where you want it, keeping your battery secure and protected at all times.

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  2. Griffin High-Power Wall & Car Chargers (Main View)

    Griffin High-Power Wall & Car Chargers (Refurbished)

    Regular Price: $39.99

    $39.99 $3.95

    Charge your USB compatible devices while on-the-go with the Griffin High-Power Wall & Car Chargers. The Griffin High-Power Chargers are compatible with larger, high powered devices such as the Apple iPad. Simply plug in your own USB cable (must purchase separately, not included) into the wall or car charging port and your device will be charged and ready to go in no time. Get yourself the Griffin High-Power Wall & Car Charger at our low, low, price today!

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  3. Samsung Micro USB Travel Adapter w/ Detachable Cable - White (Alternate View)

    Samsung Micro-USB Travel Adapter - White (Bulk)

    Regular Price: $15.00

    $15.00 $6.95

    Charge your USB smartphone or other electronic devide wherever you go with the Samsung Micro-USB Travel Adapter. Simply connect your own USB cable (not included) to the charger, plug it into a wall outlet, and your phone will be powered up in no time! Featuring a small and compact design, the Samsung Micro-USB Travel Adapter easily fits into your bag so you can take it wherever your travels lead you!

    Note: For information about product warranty and shipping, please visit our FAQ.

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  4. Samsung APCBS10BBE Data Cable (Main View)

    Samsung APCBS10BBE Data Cable

    Regular Price: $5.95

    $5.95 $3.95

    The Samsung APCBS10BBE Data Cable lets you connect your Samsung cellular device to your computer or laptop. You can manage the contents of your phone including your phonebook contacts, pictures, music and other files. The Samsung USB APCBS10BBE Data Cable also allows you to charge your phone through the USB port on your computer. Depending your phone, service provider and software, USB Data Cable can facilitate internet access for your computer, synchronize with Microsoft Outlook or other sync applications.



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  5. Samsung AAEP405SBE Stereo Headphones (View of Ear Buds)

    Samsung AAEP405SBE Hands-Free Stereo Headphones

    Regular Price: $19.99

    $19.99 $2.95

    Lightweight and comfortable, the Samsung AAEP405SBE Hand-Free Stereo Headphones enable you to carry on conversations, or listen to music while you're on the go. The Samsung AAEP405SBE Hand-Free Stereo Headset enables you to use Samsung cellular devices with an S20 pin connection. It features an easy-to-use control button, so you can answer, end, or mute phone calls all at your finger tips.



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  6. Samsung ETA0U61JBE Wall Charger w/ Micro-USB Cable (View of Wall Power Adapter)

    Samsung ETA0U61JBE Wall Charger

    Regular Price: $10.95

    $10.95 $4.49

    Key Features:

    • Original Samsung wall charger adapter
    • Wall power adapter works with most USB enabled phones and other devices
    • High-quality and ultra portable, great for travel use
    • Compatible with Samsung USB enabled devices, as well as devices from other brands

    NOTE: This product contains the charger head only.

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  7. Samsung AB463651BA Battery (Front View)

    Samsung AB463651BA Battery

    Regular Price: $9.99

    $9.99 $4.95

    The most indispensable accessory for your cell phone is the battery. Without power, even the advanced phone is useless- unless you are need of a paper weight! Use this original OEM Samsung AB463651BA rechargeable battery as a replacement or spare to extend your talk time. Just pop it in your pocket or bag and you're good to go that extra mile, chatting with your friends, at work, or on the road.

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  8. Samsung DS to 3.5mm Headset Adapter - AARM071FBE (Thumb)

    Samsung DS to 3.5mm Headset Adapter - AARM071FBE

    Regular Price: $9.99

    $9.99 $1.95

    Use the Samsung DS to 3.5mm Headset Adapter to connect your phone to any external headset with a 3.5mm audio input jack. Simply plug one end of the adapter into the Samsung DS port on your phone and plug your favorite headset or speaker into the 3.5mm audio jack (female), and you're set! The Samsung DS to 3.5mm Headset Adapter makes it easy to listen to the music on your phone, even if your phone doesn't have a 3.5mm audio jack.

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  9. Samsung DS USB Charging System (Main View)

    T-Mobile Samsung DS USB & Wall Charging System

    Regular Price: $29.99

    $29.99 $5.49

    The Samsung USB Charger System features a compact folding blade design. This Samsung USB Charger System plugs into any standard wall outlet. The charger has an included Samsung DS USB data cable which can be used with the USB port. The DS USB data cable can charge your device from your computer, and sync it with the computer.

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  10. Portable Multifunction Battery Bank Charging Kit / Car Jump-Starter (Main View)

    Portable 12 Volt Car Jump-Starter / Multifunction Power Bank Charging Kit

    Regular Price: $299.99

    $299.99 $89.95

    Are you a frequent traveler, commuter, or even a car owner? Do you often find yourself using your laptop or tablet (or any other device for that matter) with no power outlets nearby? Never be without power again - whether it is your phone, laptop or even a drained car battery - with the Portable 12V Car Jump-Starter / Multifunction Power Bank Charging Kit. The powerful jump starter is lightweight, compact and portable without losing performance ability and also powers up your electronic devices quickly and efficiently. Store it in your vehicle's glove compartment or stick it your jeans' pocket while you're out and about! For a demonstration of its basic jumper starter functionality, click on the 'video' tab below.

    Included in this charging kit are all the handy adapters and cables you'll need to keep all your devices powered up, as well as jump starting your car or motorcycle should you need to. Never leave your house without it!


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33 Item(s)
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