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  1. Garmin Mobile 20 Smart Mount (Front View)

    Garmin Mobile 20 Smart Mount

    Regular Price: $319.99

    $319.99 $16.95

    The Garmin Mobile 20 is an innovative navigation system that provides you with hands-free calling on your smartphone with Bluetooth technology. Just insert the preloaded memory card into your smartphone and place your phone on the smart mount and you will have access to map data and over 6 million points of interest. The Garmin Mobile 20 allows you to look up addresses, services, attractions and get voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions.

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  2. Garmin Mobile 10 (Main View)

    Garmin Mobile 10 for Smartphones

    Regular Price: $130.00

    $130.00 $89.95

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    Turn your smartphone into a GPS navigator with Garmin Mobile 10 for smartphones. Garmin Mobile 10 is a plug-and-play navigation solution that includes a portable receiver and preloaded card with map and navigation software. Look up addresses and get voice prompted turn-by-turn directions on your smartphone plus access to dynamic content such as traffic, fuel prices, weather and more. And with no recurring subscription fees, you can make the most of your phone while you’re on the go, with the Garmin Mobile 10 for Smartphones.

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2 Item(s)
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