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  1. Siege Audio The Alpha Earbud Headphones - Black (Main View)

    Siege Audio The Alpha Earbud Headphones - Black

    Regular Price: $29.99

    $29.99 $14.95

    SIEGE AUDIO makes every effort to ensure a quality listening experience, no matter what the price. These ALPHA buds are an incredible value and a serious upgrade from any other headphone set in this price range. They are extremely comfortable no matter whose ears they are in - the tapered shape and interchangeable caps make them fit in any ear shape with ease. As far as sound, these will deliver unbelievably clear audio that will stack up next to any set of buds. The ALPHA buds are tuned for maximum listening compatibility: Any track, any artist will sound incredible on these!

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  2. Zero iPhone USB Charger (Front View)

    AT&T ZERO Charger - USB Travel Wall Charger - Refurbished

    Regular Price: $19.99

    $19.99 $5.95

    Charge your cellular device the green way with the Zero USB Charger. The Zero Charger received Energy Star's highest efficiency rating of Level 5. It is entirely energy efficient upon disconnecting the hand set. What's more, the charger and USB design ensures a great degree of interchangeability.

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  3. AT&T Mini-USB Car Charger with USB Port (Thumb)

    AT&T Mini-USB Car Charger with USB Port

    Regular Price: $19.95

    $19.95 $4.95

    Don't be stranded with a dead cell phone while you're out and about! The AT&T Mini-USB Car Charger with USB Port conveniently plugs into your car's 12-24 Volt DC auxillary port for a rapid battery charge, keeping your cell phone battery in top operating condition. Built-in smart chip recognizes a full charge and automatically switches to a save mode, protecting your battery and preserving battery life. There is even an additional USB port that allows you to charge any USB compatible device simultaneously!

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  4. AT&T Charging Cable (Main View)

    AT&T Charging Cable - Black

    Regular Price: $9.99

    As low as: $4.95

    Don’t be stranded with a dead cell phone! Connect your cellular device to any computer, car or wall charger with the AT&T Charging Cable. Designed to allow you to charge your phone anywhere, this handy cable plugs directly into any USB charger head, your computer, netbook, or laptop.

    NOTE: The AT&T Charging Cable is available for Micro-USB, Mini-USB, Samsung S20 Pin, and Pantech 16 Pin cellular devices. Simply choose the the port connections from the menu above.

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4 Item(s)
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