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  1. Rocketfish 3G Mobile Hotspot (Thumb)

    Rocketfish 3G Mobile Hotspot w/ Clear 3G Service

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    Turn your wireless device into a hub for up to five of your wi-fi enabled devices with the Rocketfish 3G Mobile Hotspot! The Rocketfish 3G Mobile Hotspot is a unique wireless routing device allowing you to utilize your mobile carrier's 3G internet to power wireless internet on up to five devices. Compact and small enough to fit in a pocket, this Hotspot doesn't need to be plugged in to work (only to charge), meaning you can bring it anywhere you bring your phone. Enjoy Wi-Fi everywhere through the power of Mi-Fi!

    Note: Because BestBuy service has been discontinued, this product now works with Clear service. 
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1 Item(s)
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