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Lines that once separated the internet, wireless mobility, computing, and media are blurring to create a more mobile and connected society. Motorola brings personalized media and mobile experiences together, linking them to people, resources, information and entertainment at home and on the go.

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  1. Motorola XOOM Folio Case - Black Leather (Thumb)

    Motorola XOOM Folio Case - Black Leather

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    The finest tablets deserve the finest cases, and that's why your Motorola XOOM deserves the Motorola Xoom Folio Case. Featuring a stunning pebbled leather construction, the Motorola XOOM Folio Case allows you to display your XOOM at a variety of angles effortlessly, making media viewing simple and hands-free. Moreover, with access to the cameras and functions and a secure clasp for when you need to take it on the go, this case is as perfect for your XOOM as any famous couple throughout history (Romeo and Juliet, Liz and Dick, Don and Megan Draper, XOOM and Folio Case). What's the point of having a beautiful tablet like the Motorola XOOM if you aren't going to take care of it?

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