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  1. Alltel BlueClip Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Thumb)

    Alltel BluClip Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Refurbished)

    Regular Price: $39.99

    $39.99 $6.95

    Are you the busiest bee in the hive? Need to be able to be reachable at all times, even when you are driving, but don't want to fumble around with your phone? With the Alltel BluClip Wireless Bluetooth Headset, you can seamlessly integrate your phone calls into your other tasks, thanks to hands-free Bluetooth call capabilities, a single-touch call answering button, and more. Lacking in all the complicated extras that bog down other Bluetooth headsets, the BluClip is simple, so you can maintain focus on everything else buzzing around your life!

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1 Item(s)
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